django, django-tagging from debian repositories

The most recent python-django and python-django-tagging packages for debian are in the experimental repositories, but one probably doesn't want to pull all packages from experimental. APT pinning can be used to prioritize certain repositories for certain packages.

First, the repository should be added to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb experimental main contrib non-free

Then in /etc/apt/preferences, each release needs to be given a priority, and certain packages should be pinned to certain releases. In particular, the django-related packages are pinned to experimental, and python-support is pinned to unstable (the django packages require a higher python-support version than is in stable).

Package: * Pin: release a=stable Pin-Priority: 900 Package: * Pin: release a=unstable Pin-Priority: 800 Package: python-support Pin: release a=unstable Pin-Priority: 1001 Package: python-django python-django-tagging Pin: release a=experimental Pin-Priority: 1001 Package: * Pin: release a=experimental Pin-Priority: 700

As noted in the previous entry, I've stopped using the debian repositories for django packages, but this is how it's done, for reference.