extracting images from hangouts

Download images from a google takeout dump of hangouts. Requires: jq, grep, and wget.

If you want all media, you can just use grep for image_url, clean up the json remnants, then download with wget -i

If you only want a single conversation and the other user's images, you'll need to use something like jq to extract the relevant hangout events before grepping.

cat Takeout/Hangouts/Hangouts.json | \ jq -c '.conversation_state[] | \ select(.conversation_id.id=="CONVERSATION_ID") | \ .conversation_state.event[] | \ select(.sender_id.gaia_id=="SENDER_ID")' | \ jq . | grep image_url | \ sed 's|^\s*"image_url": "||g' | \ sed 's|",$||g'