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Printing an e-book for binding

Tools: pdftk, pdfjam.

Rearrange pages from the source file:

pdftk latin-out.pdf cat 1 1-317 1 1 output latin-fixed.pdf

Split the source file:

pdftk latin-fixed.pdf cat 1-16 output 016.pdf ... pdftk latin-fixed.pdf cat 305-320 output 320.pdf

Fuck, a page was duplicated in the source. Find another file which has it and blend it in:

pdftk A=latin-fixed.pdf B=anthologyoflatin00tyrrrich_bw.pdf cat A145 B154 A147-160 output 160-new.pdf

Generate some commands in python for easy copy-pasting.

for x in range(16, 324, 16): print "pdfbook --short-edge --signature '16' %03d.pdf" % (x,)

Run the commands:

pdfbook --short-edge --signature '16' 016.pdf ... pdfbook --short-edge --signature '16' 320.pdf